Yesterday, I liked this:

Cory (texting Lotis): Lot, halu. May time ka? If you have, pwede favor, paki-call sa Crystal Clear (water company)? 1 slim/water jug lang. Money outside the door. Di kasi ako makalabas sa office namin.

Lotis: Ok, kuriring. I'll call.

Kainis, she called me "kuriring". In the house, they call me "kuriring".

I hesitated about taking this down because, you know, why would someone take down a simple text exchange? But then again, I'd take down almost anything that makes me smile, laugh, cry, etc., if I could. But I had second thoughts about this because it seems kind of embarrassingly sentimental to be recording ordinary things, as if they were special.

But I like ordinary things, and I'm the kind of person, anyway, who would often remind herself to appreciate simple but wonderful, ordinary little things in life. It's just that I keep thinking that these things don't necessarily have to happen, you know? Life is not necessarily this way. It's entirely possible to not be where you are now, living with the set of people you are with now, having a simple laugh or a smile. A simple stroke of fate and it could all be something different or even something reversed.

But that's all the musing that I have for now. Ciao.


These times are actually the first time in my life that I have been christened with the nickname "kuriring". I guess it's a Valer Club thing. I'll remember it as a Valer Club thing.


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