last december 14, 2010, i went over to bellecroft (i was living in my uncle's home in tandang sora that time) so that i could leave with clyde and go to the UP Observatory to witness the Geminids meteor shower. we were joining members of the UP Astronomical Society, of which clyde was an alumna. i was a happy "saling-pusa".

on the observatory deck, we laid our backs down on a mat and looked up at the dark night sky, waiting for the shooting stars to appear. at some time past ten, they began to shoot across the sky to the delight of all the observers. i remembered someone.

i texted him
: ______, heads up! (to the sky) there's a meteor shower tonight! oh my god! i just saw a shooting star!!! :) :) :) one falling star wish will be for you, the rest is mine! mwahahahaha! :)

he texted back: It's too bright at our place. :(. Make that wish for me. Sana happy and warm ang christmas. :). Yun lang ang gusto ko. You can take the rest. Hehe. Ikaw, ano ultimate wish mo?

cory: _____, if shooting stars could have names, then the 10:40 one has yours! o ayan, i made sure to make yours first to set that aside...hahaha :p. My wishes: 1 for you for christmas, 1 for Don because i'm sorry, 1 for clyde because she took me here stargazing, and 17 for me because i'm selfish...:D goodnight!

the next day, he said: Hey cor. Good morning. Thank you for the wish. Where did you go stargazing? You should take me there one of these days. :D. Ang dami mong nakitang shooting stars ha. Ang ganda siguro non. Uy, sorry I wasn't [able] to reply last night anymore. I fell asleep early eh. Anyway, ano naman yung 17 wishes mo?

i wasn't able to reply immediately, either because i didn't have balance on my phone or because i woke up late and had immediate plans for the day.


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