* Because I feel tired, and I feel terrible, and I don't exactly have an outlet for it right now, I will ramble. :)

Apple-Cranberry Juice Incident

Earlier this week, Clyde and I were on the verge of contracting colds. Clyde stayed off hers by going to Rustan's immediately and buying a king-size bottle of Berri Apple Juice. She began chugging it down immediately. I woke up a little later than her and thus, discovered my little ailment just a few hours later than she did. As per Clyde's claim and practice of drowning colds in apple juice, I decided to do the same and off I went to Rustan's. When I got there, I examined the juices on display on the shelf and on the lowermost level, I took one large bottle of Berri Juice. However, it said there Apple Cranberry. I couldn't seem to find one that said just Apple juice, so I took that one instead, and figured it was probably the same. By the way, in my search, I had asked also for the assistance of the personnel present there, to find the Berri Juice that's flavored Apple only, not Apple Cranberry. I was told they had none anymore on stock.

I got back to Bellecroft and when I went through the door, I found Clyde in the sala, and I accosted her, saying, "You have Apple Cranberry Juice, noh??" "No," she replied. "It's Apple Juice."

We went to the ref, took out her bottle, and I inspected it. Sure enough, it said there Apple Juice. Not Apple Cranberry. Hmph. I wondered if I had not looked hard enough.

Intent on getting myself Apple Juice and not Apple Cranberry, I took myself back to Rustan's and so that my search the second time around would be thorough and fail-proof, I took with me my glasses and when I arrived there, I made a beeline for the Juices section, crouched down to the lowermost shelf, and I began inspecting the king-sized bottles, taking them out one by one. I was frantic for my Apple Juice. Joke lang. I clawed among the bottles from front to back and from right to left. Joke lang. (But I actually really did; but not in a clawing manner, hehe.)

Anyway!!! After my insistent search, I verified for myself that in a matter of two hours probably, the store had run out of the Apple Juice that I was looking for. And yes, there are other brands, but the other brand I prefer, Motts, was also not available when I looked for it.

So I decided to settle for the Apple Cranberry Juice that I had. I've never tasted Cranberry. I got back home, and as I opened the bottle ceremonially, I said, "Apple Cranberry Juice, I hope you will taste better than Clyde's Apple Juice." To which Clyde replied, "I hope you will not taste good at all. Ay, joke lang, Cor." Hehe.

After a first sip, I decreed that it tasted like an alcoholic beverage. "Good. So that you'll get drunk and sleep better," Clyde said.

So there. That was the Apple Cranberry Juice story that did not affect others' lives at all and probably has no relevance whatsoever to the world's history and current events.

So why do I tell you stuff that is irrelevant? So sue me.

* * *


Blog, I'm always tired. Why am I tired? I'm always tired. I get home, and the first thing I do is sit on the couch and before I know it, I'm lying horizontally over it, and these past few days, I've been falling asleep immediately before I could do the stuff I need to do before I sleep.

I need to exercise. I can't think clearly actually because I'm giving myself just a few minutes more to blog...so I'm being incoherent.

* * *

Abbey and Reg are back for the schoolyear. Things are about to get even more interesting in this house, I think. Abbey's back so if there are going to be breakfast debates or dinner debates, it's gonna get funnier and livelier. Hehe. Finally, it won't be just me and Clyde sniping at each other. I miss Maricel.

* * *


  1. It's always nice to read you, Cor. Thanks for rambling and sharing your Apple Cranberry juice story.

    Ang vivid at lively mo magkwento. Hindi halatang pagod ka.

    Nga pala, if the juice is still there, I'm willing to drink it for you, at no cost. Hehe. Tapos bibilan na lang kita ng Apple Juice. ;-)

    Uy, kung exercise ang hanap mo, at kung kailangan mo ng hihila sa iyo, sabihan mo lang ako. Nanghihila ako ng mga tao ngayon para mag-exercise eh. Jogging or ultimate frisbee ;-).

  2. aww..totoo kuya? hehe. how nice of you to say so. i always have this feeling that my writing isn't really your type of reading.

    I was just really tired last week bec. i was sick.

    i didn't say that i did't like the alcoholic taste of the apple cranberry kuya, but you're also welcome to it if you like..hehe. and with regard to apple juice, motts please. yay!!!!!

    i'm looking for jogging. maybe sometime soon. when i have my life planned. which, knowing me, might take half a forever to do, but eventually i get around to doing it anyway. hehe. i'm glad you're still keeping yourself active kuya. always wishing you well,

    young padawan. hehe.


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