Oh by the way...

It's eerie. It's funny. Strange coincidence.

I actually wonder if someone WAS praying for me. Hey, did you pray for me when I was merely venting and ranting?

'Cause I was just, I mean, it was only yesterday that I was feeling miserable about my dreams and feeling sorry and bad about my life and just right now, I read something on a page I was reading and it said...

"Right now, you may feel as though nothing is happening in your life. That none of your dreams are coming true.

Don’t give up, because God doesn’t give up on you.

May your dreams come true..."

Awww...nakakaiyak naman...I was just feeling despondent, that was's just that when I try to figure out my life, it's like trying to figure out where to begin cleaning the mess of a room I don't know what to do or where to start and that's only the beginning of it.

I actually deal with things different than I did before. Back then, despondency would get me lying on bed all night, staring blankly at the wall, but now, I go on. It's really different. What I mean to say is, I'm more mobile, more able to shrug things off, or basta. I'm normal now.

And I'm happier now. And I'm glad. Just a few days ago, I was thinking to myself that I actually am happy now. Masaya ako...:) And I highly appreciate being happy and being glad to wake up. I like that I like to go home. And that I don't mind just being there when there's no other place to go. As opposed naman to staying out and going out to Starbucks so much just because you don't want to go home or be home. I don't feel the need for Starbucks so much now. Didn't you notice? I haven't gone there anymore. Not that I don't love Starbs. I still very much do. That weekend I had spent at work, I bought myself a Starbs drink to comfort me for my extra effort for that time that I don't know paid off. But that was just once. But I think I'm gonna be Starb-ing again soon. But it's different now.

I'm still rambling. I'm going to sleep na.

I had a call from an uncle - a close family friend. The call was to check up on me and my studies and something like that.


  1. happier now huh? baka in-love ka na ha. kwento!

  2. hi kuya. in love na ako kay batman. pareho kc kami naka-night shift. hehe. :)

  3. at the time i mentioned batman, there was as yet actually no batman whatsoever. joke lang. but now, i noticed someone on the floor. he'll be batman. hehe. minor thing lang, kuya, not anything to really think about anyway. :) i'll blog more about it probly on the weekend. :) ingat!


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