Madali lang akong matuwa. Hehe. And I don't know why but I am speaking in Tagalog. A little weird, a little funny but sige lang..hehe..

Anyway, a little laugh here and there, a little fun here and there, no matter how simple, adds up little by little to making my heart fuller and well-er (if there is such a thing) every day. I'm glad I laugh. Hehe.

My life is so ordinary.

Clyde and I were chatting regarding lunch. She's at a house nearby. Cherry and I were at bellecroft.

clyde: cor, will i order is the phone working already?

cory: i 'll see... no clyde eh..will you be eating here?

clyde: yes, il eat there

cory: ken afford ta? (wow, product placement on my blog.)(translation: ken afford tayo?)

clyde: ok unsa inyo gusto man? (ano gusto niyo?)

cory: fish fillet sweet and sour

clyde: kang cherry? (kay cherry?)

(At this point, Cherry makes a pronouncement that she would like to have the bestseller at Ken Afford...)

cory: cherry wants the bestseller clyde

clyde: nge, and what is that?

cory: fried r-a-t (I was ribbing Cherry Ann. We have rats inside the house. The first one was really awful and we named him Roscuro. The second one is less visible. The first one is already dead btw. Hehe. We hate them.)

clyde: no need to order it from ken afford, just wait there, mugawas to unya (lalabas yun mamaya)

cory: kay cory yun! -cheety (cherry mistyped her name)

cory: cherry

clyde: haha


cory: cheety wants......



cory: cheety wants fish salpicao

clyde: ok il order in 30 minutes

cory: my money is 1 thou clyde

clyde: ok ra in 30min? or karon na? (or ngayon na?)

cory: sabi ni cheety karon na daw clyde hahahahaha (ngayon na raw)

cory: karon nalang clyde.... (ngayon nalang)

clyde: wats the number again?

cory: kay para dali ra... (para mabilis)

cory: 4333575

clyde: ok fried rat coming up

cory: clyde, whose money will we be using? mine nalang kay 1 thou man... (akin nalang, 1 thou kc)

clyde: hmmm, yours? hehe ul pay me the cake na?

cory: i won't be able to pay immediately and i still need to contribute for the cake

cory: exactly

clyde: tig 107 ta (we're 107 each)

cory: oui

clyde: ok, change for 1k

cory: okie! thankies clyde!!!!!!!

clyde: ur welcome!

So why am I putting this on my blog? Mababaw din ba ang kaligayahan mo? Mababaw lang ako eh...Hehe. Wala lang. Just wanna share. I like recording ordinary things. :)


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