because i miss my bestfriend


I had wondered if I could be seeing Lala and Allison over the weekend, and I was asking where she and him were, and I finally decided that I couldn't join because I still had stuff to do.

Lala and Allison were going to catch this movie at the Shang. It was showing to the public for free. Lala was inviting me to join them and I had just told her that I couldn't.

And she said:

Ako naman just generally sluggish all the time for a while na; I'd cancel on the movie and just sleep kung hindi lang kami papuntang shang na. Movie is at 6:30 but we plan to wait in line as early as 4:30. These free films attract a particularly large crowd of artsies slash kuripots.

Lol. She never fails. Hihi.


  1. hey cor. i miss you. kamusta ka na?

  2. I'm fine, kuya. I'm just waiting for 5 days to pass that's all. Hehe. :p but thank you for asking, by the way. and how are you, kuya? how are your thoughts on katipunan? ^_^ ateneo is still blue, btw. just to update you. and the streets here still gets wet when it rains, in case you've forgotten. and the moon still hangs nicely over a black nightsky, in case you wonder if over here it's been removed. ingat ka, kuya. I hope you like the rain sometimes. and and...pls tell me how you are. i'd really like to know. or else...magtatampo ako...:)


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