nice when it rains

I'm gonna be speaking in bullets because I'm not really coherent right now. :)

- Wow, it's been a long time since the last time I made an effort to write well. I'm usually tired most of the time, that's why. And I've lacked time. I lack time now. My shift at work can change within just a day's notice. People tell me to sleep but I'm a little stubborn. Just a little.

- Re: sleep. I would like to record here that last weekend was great because I spent it sleeping. ^_^ I was actually very tired so the first opportunity I got, I sat on the couch in the sala, somehow found myself lying horizontally on it within the space of a moment, and promptly found myself fast asleep. Well, I "found myself fast asleep" post facto would be more correct because when you are asleep, you're not really all that aware of what you're doing. The whole weekend, it was like that. I'd try to lie down merely to rest but would wake up to find myself having had gone to sleep. It was nice. But I think it also meant I was tired and in need of more sleep DURING THE WEEK and not just catch up on it during the weekends.

Speaking of, I should be going to sleep in a few minutes. Yesterday, I ran a grammar check past Lala. I said, Lala, isn't this correct? "For example - dancing gets me happy like nothing does." (I tend to overthink my English sometimes so I usually run grammar checks on the web while I'm writing or thinking.^_^). She replied that my sentence was technically correct but that essentially speaking, she believes that sleep will get me happy like nothing does. Hahahaha! Typical of Lala to strike a punny punch when you don't see one coming. Hehe. You got me, dear. Clyde reminded to get my sleep na rin. Yes, will do in a few min.

- Anyway, I got a call yesterday. Not work-related. Basta.

- Time to sleep now. Did I just ramble on and on???

- oh by the way, it's nice here in bellecroft when it rains. :)


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