congratulations for the year

first of all, some congratulations are in order. congratulations to ms janine t. for winning first runner-up in the miss universe competition. that was marvelous and we are very proud of you.

here is a re-print of her beautiful answer in the question and answer portion:

Q: As an international ambassador, do you believe that speaking English should be a prerequisite to being Miss Universe? Why or why not?

Her answer: For me, being Miss Universe is not just about knowing how to speak a specific language. It's being able to influence and inspire other people. As long as your heart wants to serve and you have a strong mind to show people, then you can be Miss Universe.


and, more congratulations are in order! president barack obama was named by Time magazine as Person of the Year 2012! wee! congratulations! very happy for obama.

interestingly, readers might have been disappointed because, according to news reports, in the poll held by Time, readers had actually voted the most for north korean supreme leader kim jong un. kim jong un should have been Person of the Year 2012 Edition but unfortunately, Time scrapped the results of the poll, saying that it was "completely unscientific". how sad.

and and! according to the borowitz report, in a groundbreaking, unprecedented move, Time has also conferred on mitt romney the title of Man of the Year 1912! hahahaha!

Time's accolade for mitt went as follows: "Even though his quest for the Presidency was unsuccessful, Mr. Romney's ideas about foreign policy, taxation, wealth inequality, and women's rights typified the year 1912 as no one else has."

and, though this is very belated of me, i realize that kim jong un doesn't have to really experience such a profound loss from having been robbed of his title as Time's Person of the Year. this is because just last month, he was actually bestowed the far better honor of being named Sexiest Man Alive for the year 2012 by The Onion newspaper.

here is a quote from their editor: "[kim jong un] has that rare ability to somehow be completely adorable and completely macho at the same time. And that's the quality that makes him the sort of man women want, and men want to be. He's a real hunk with real intensity who also knows how to cut loose and let his hair down."

china's newspapers have extended their congratulations to kim jong un as well. (that's the truth, btw)

and, for the final congratulations for this post, i would also like to make a special mention of north korea once again, especially their supreme leader kim jong un. this is because i had previously read in the supreme leader's twitter account that he is launching a fragrance in lieu of launching rockets that scare its neighbors.

it is an unprecedented move in the advancement of world peace. bravo! a wonderful (and fragrant) 2012 for the international community! hahahaha!


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