mimi ^_^

for today i'd like to share some gems we can pilfer from my friend mimi, writer for online philstar, with whom i'm very proud:

99U: Uncertainty is an uncomfortable position. But certainty is an absurd one. - Voltaire

Mimi: @99U Relativism! That's what has made our world terrible.

And: Haha, nakaaway ko si M. Ressa nung isang araw dito lang sa twitter. :p Dahil sa pag-sensationalize nila sa...(something)

astig. fighter investigative reporter. go mimi! :)

(i hope, hope, hope, hope she doesn't mind that i've shared some of her statements without running it by her. open account naman twitter ni mims eh...will let her know i ran her quotes elsewhere next time we meet!) ^_^


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