manny in the new yorker

i can't believe it: manny made the new yorker! ohmaygad! there's a piece on him written by a k. sanneh and it implicitly comments that manny's loss might not really be as definitive to his career as it would seem.

wow, he made the new yorker. hahaha, i'm laughing at my own incredulous reaction. the new yorker is notoriously highbrow kc and known for its rarefied, top-tier position in its industry.

not that i'm saying that manny or boxing is lowbrow. but i'm often continually pleasantly surprised whenever i come upon reminders of the heights that manny had risen to and his impact in many spheres in the world.

mitt romney even sought a small dialogue with him. mitt romney. wow. manny's really quite a phenomenon. sorry, i sound like i'd been living under a rock. i just don't really keep up with manny's life or career and anyway, i'm an easily surprised person.

check out the article in the new yorker. ;)


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