"It had a dark presence, like a temptation one didn't want to entertain." - alec wilkinson


  1. dear, my phone's been dead for days! were you able to receive our message last 25th??? di rin makatawag yung phone ni allison nun since parang may sira yung globe network that time.T_T

  2. it's weird to have your comment come on a post about the dark presence of guns. brgh! hihihi. felt weird. yep, dear, i did! allison seems really sold on referring to the two of you as "lalli". i usually use "lallison", hihihihi. now i realize i didn't even say 'merry xmas' to anyone. anobayan. merry christmas, lalie! and merry christmas to allison as well! you're all so wonderful! :) :) :) mwah! :)


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