brave new world

I'm holding myself off from writing because I wanted to be concentrating on other things besides but I just felt the need to write down a moment.

I was re-writing my resume when the feeling came to me again. The feeling that I was exiting stage left from something. That every little step that I was taking was all part of that process and somehow going in that direction.

Leaving something. Leaving something behind. Who or what was it that I was leaving? I think the reason why I find it important to write this down is because it's a part of me that I'm leaving behind. A part of me that I'm saying goodbye to. A part of me who will not be taking part in my future.

Growing up. The process of graduation. That's what it is, I think.

I'm sailing out from a world whose safe bolts and nuts and turnscrews I knew. And, as time would have it, it's a permanent exit.

The girl I was will turn out to be the girl I become. Still girl, huh? Heehee. But they are probably two different persons. They're not the same inside. I'm not really going anywhere new; I'm going where I've always been but it will be as though I'm knowing the place for the first time.

Things always seem different when you're seeing it with different eyes.

So what do I say to the girl I'm leaving behind? That it's okay. That this is a better way to be. You didn't know who you were.

It's not necessarily an implicitly optimistic view of the future. There's no way of knowing what lies there. But even if you make twenty misses out of twenty, it's still not entirely a loss. It will show you who you are. That's what they say and I believe that.

Perhaps the time could come one day down the road when you would look back at how you were being, plunk your hands on your hips and say, "Well! That was a good way to be." That'll be the day. :)

There. So I wrote it. I'm satisfied now. I'll probably re-write this next time but for now, it'll do. And while we're at it, let me write down the words that flashed in my mind when I realized just where I was standing. These were:

Brave new world that I'm seeing for the very first time.


  1. it was edison (at least let's pretend it was edison to save me the research, heh) who said that when he invented that lightbulb and failed a thousand times, he did not consider these as failures talaga, but rather LEARNING a thousand ways on how NOT to do the lightbulb, hehe. keep it up, darleng!>:D<

  2. yeah....i feel the same way but i can't manage anything more than a grunt about how that feels...
    :):):) i've been reading more on the internet posts about work; specifically abt the requirement of experience and I came across this quote:
    "Experience: that most brutal of teachers. But you learn, my God do you learn." - C. S. Lewis.

    It was worth a grim laugh. Hahahaha!!!! Labshu dearie!!!!!!!!!:):):):):) mwah!


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