himala at ulan

Hey, I just want to say - I have a new crush. I was nudging Clyde just today to learn Ulan by Rivermaya. I fell in love with the lyrics.

Hiwaga ng panahon,
Akbay ng ambon
Sa piyesta ng dahon,
Ako'y sumilong
Daan-daang larawan ang nagdaraan
Sa aking paningin
Daan-daang nakaraan ibinabalik
Ng simoy ng hangin.

First off, gushing praise. This verse delights me. I think it's genius how they call rain "hiwaga ng panahon". Rediscovering it even now, the idea still feels new. And the imagery of being under a canopy of tree leaves with the rain falling down - wow! That was a life experience common to people and the writer named it! Bam! The very essence of what writing and musical experiences are all about.

And bringing to the fore the idea of memories parading before one's mind as triggered by the smell of the wind in the rain was just - shaking my head - fantabulous. Even if it's a common enough notion, it's the words used.

My favorite lines:

Tatawa na lamang, o bakit hindi?
Ang aking damdamin, pinaglalaruan ng baliw at ng ulan...

At sinong di mapapasayaw ng ulan?
At sinong di mababaliw sa ulan?

This was a moment of genius. Thank you, Rivermaya. I love the rain and I love this song. :)!

Regarding the video above, Clyde had found its tutorial helpful for her in learning the song and the caption underneath it on youtube told her that one of the trio was a member of rivermaya. However, Clyde and I didn't know which of them it was until one of them sang the pre-chorus at 2:10.

And we were caught by surprise. And Clyde was like, "Agoy, Lord..." (Translation: "Oh, Lord...")


I couldn't stop playing and re-playing it from that point onwards. Hahahahaha!

Finally, I have another celebrity crush! I used to not really have much of an answer whenever asked the question "who is your celebrity crush?" but now, I have the cutest answer!

Q: So, Cor, who is your celebrity crush?
Me: Have you ever heard of Jason Fernandez? (laughs)


You lifted the song, Mr. Jason. More power to you. :)

On the other hand, I also unearthed this awesome video. It's Himala by Bamboo.

In the words of one commenter, himalang-himala nga!

Wow. Great music, great writing...just wow. :)

Ciao. Goodnight everybody!


  1. si cor natutuwa na sa tagalog o! will wonders never cease.:p

  2. i wouldn't get too excited, if i were you. hihi. but i recognize great technique when i read it! :)


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