my humble pie

My friend Mimi has a blog – All Amateur Advice On An Array of Angles – and I love reading it and I love the content. I was browsing through old posts of hers when I came across this one that was posted year 2007. The post was titled To Wit and it featured the artist/blogger John Campbell and some of his comic strips. According to Mimi, readers of Mr Campbell would send him questions and he would create answers to them in comic form.

Here’s an example.

Q: What’s the point?


This one cracks me up.

Q: Why do famous people never answer my letters?

john campbell

So basically, Mr Campbell is saying that famous people don’t write back because they never get around to finishing their written replies because they’re being perfectionist about it.

And it just makes me laugh because it’s the same writing process for me as well some of the time. In my case, it also answers to the question, ‘why doesn’t Cory write more of her stuff on her blog or anywhere else for that matter?’ Heehee.

So anyway, I’m writing this because right now, I’m eating my humble pie. When I first started this year anew, I resolved to make each post on my blog count. I had this vision that my writing was going to be awesome and inspired and revolutionary and all other things gasp-worthy.

But now I realize that I can’t write like more than the person that I am and anyway, what would be the use of a blog where I am confessionally myself if I can’t just be – myself?

So here’s to being less of a perfectionist and writing more like the person that I am. And here’s to the concluding words of the third blogpost that was supposed to form part of the output for week one. Ciao!


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