two nights ago, i had a dream about you. in my dream, you had a girlfriend. i think i was talking with her and i don't remember her face but i remember her hair. it was blonde. she was sporting the same hairdo as that of miley cyrus' right now. funny, i never thought you were into blondes.

i was telling someone about it, and described you vaguely as someone i care about. i said the dream was a little funny. it amused me that my subconscious put the miley cyrus blonde pixie hair onto your "girlfriend".

my friend was less amused. she was afraid i was going to burst into tears.

* * * * *

Pangarap Lang Kita

mabuti pa sa lotto, may pag-asang manalo.
'di tulad sa 'yo - imposible!

prinsesa ka, ako'y dukha.
sa tv lang naman kasi may mangyayari.

at kahit mahal kita,
wala akong magagawa.
tanggap ko o aking sinta -
pangarap lang kita.


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