so now i know what pader is...

cory: lalie? busy? you did not get to watch The Dictator did you? (sends the loser emoticon) by the way, what's pader? my guess: walls, cabinet???

lala: my gus disgraceful! pader = wall, paders = fathers. no, but i plan to watch it in the future, kaya let's watch The Campaign na rin!

cory: well, i just said pader!

lala: when and for what occasion? (sticking tongue out)

cory: pader like madumi ang mga pader!

lala: that's right naman, congrats!

cory: well, actually, i'm on the brink of getting sick for the third time and now i've realized why!!! the house is not clean!

lala: because madumi ang pader? take meds kasi!

cory: yes!

lala: and then administer meds din to the walls haha (huh?)

cory: i do! apples, bananas, centrum, vitamin c from 500 mg - 2000 mg...but they all fail!!!

lala: aaaa kaya pala -- all the nutrients are vying for prominence (laughing emoticon). confused nutrients cancelling each other out!

cory: they're no match for the dirty, sneaky dust lurking around with their evil laughs!!!!

lala: you have to fight dirty na hahah!

cory: kaya i asked my housemate if the house was dirty because it does not seem to look it!

lala: or maybe, since you can hear this evil laughter and all, it's a problem of the mind na (evil laugh)

cory: and she said yes! the curtains have not been changed and "madumi ang mga pader"! i will clean them all! but first i have to know what "pader" is! so i can clean whatever it is that's making me fall sick!!!

lala: you need to wear a cloak to sound more convincing - one that flaps appealingly in the wind! a battle to the end - you should sell tickets :D

cory: want to sit around and watch me take up my pretty pink gloves and clean? we can clean your room din lalie! you want???

lala: does that include free snacks? then sure as long as i can boss you around din (evil laugh). you clean, i supervise = sounds like a plan!

cory: the snacks will be food i cook! healthy food! okra, talong, squash, string beans, etc!!!

lala: now we go even deeper as to why you're sick! "healthy" food like that kasi wahahahaha

cory: okay, i'm blogging you!!! hihihihihi

lala: sneaky! i'm tweeting you! (takes a page off cory's book of sneakiness)



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