things to do: housecleaning

i have finally caught on. i have had colds twice in three months, for over two weeks each. and now i am caught at the beginning of yet another one! what is up?!

so i said to mai, one of my housemates, "mai, ma-alikabok ba ang bahay natin?"

she asked me if i sneeze around the house. "oo," i said.

"oo, madumi ang bahay natin," she confirmed.

"what?! why?! naglilinis naman tayo ah!" lotis cleans the house on the weekends - sweeping and scrubbing the floors, cleaning the kitchen - and the house is not really cluttered. i also clean. i sweep the bedroom floor (the one i share with my roomie) and clean the bathroom as well (the one i share with chaida). at other times, i've cleaned the sala as well.

"hindi siya madumi na madumi pero hindi rin siya malinis," maimai said.

oh, so that's why. and here i was wondering why i was suddenly so sickly and why all the apples, bananas and vitamin c in the world were not fortifying me. the curtains in the house have not been changed for what seems like ages, probably, and the paders are dirty, according to mai.

oh my gosh, this is bad news. i did not know that our house needed more work. we're going to get sick if we keep this way. i'm going to have to take this up. i want to see the house clean and although it actually looks clean, now i've been given notice that this is just a facade and something dirtier is lurking underneath, hidden. i also can't afford to get sick. nor do i want to.

okay, general housecleaning is on my schedule. i'm going to make it top priority and non-negotiable.

by the way, what's pader? hehehe.


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