pinterest boards

so, anyway, as you well already know, i have started pinterest and i am SO excited to be pinning! but(!), of course, first things first, i have to begin by creating some pinterest boards! so here are some of my ideas for the titles and themes.

one board will be titled, "if you're ever thinking of buying me a gift", and as you might well guess from the title, the pins on that board will revolve around that theme. i recommend you follow that one, especially if you're thinking of buying me a gift.

the second board will be called "clothes i want you to want me to have" and it will feature many pretty stuff, from really trendy pink clothes to dresses and gowns that taylor swift and selena gomez wore. it will also feature other designer items, besides.

the third board is "places you should take me to". this board is intended for a future boyfriend or really loving family and friends. it will feature a full-on collection of wonderful and amazing castles from all over the world. i'm envisioning it as a shrine or an ode of sorts.

other boards include "girls you better say i look like or else" and "males i have had a fling with" (yes, i'm calling you out, wentworth miller!).

lala: pinterest admin must get a lot of complaints on self-serving members, hehe

so you've been posted and you're welcome to follow me on pinterest. hehe. joke lang. this whole thing is a hoax.


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