the open air

one of the most interesting things i came across this week was the story behind the song Into The Open Air by Julie Fowlis. it was featured in the movie Brave. it's this beautiful, solemn, and bittersweet melody that revolves around a longing and a wish to "step into the open air".

i wanted to find out about the song because i always have this persistent interest about the backstories of things, and i wanted to know about what the writer/s were thinking when they wrote it. how did they get it so right? what was behind the creative genius of the song?

i was curious about the song also because it was the song i was turning to at the moment. last monday saw me walking one of the underground walkways in the city and into the night, head down, dejected, miserable and sad.

and i was connecting with the song because of its idea of walls and the question of whether they could come down, and the longing, the longing to feel your feet on the ground, leave behind your prison, and step into the open air...

could these walls come crumbling down?
i want to feel my feet on the ground.
and leave behind this prison we share -
step into the open air...

the writer of the song, alex mandel, explained that the song was about this sense of possibility that something could happen - could these walls crumble down? can we carry this love into the open air? and though he meant the song to convey a hint of a positive answer, the mood i was carrying at that time was a sense of desolation, a misery that in my case, the answer for me was a NO.

i felt that i was working hard to get into that open air, but that it WASN'T going to happen. and the negative answer shook me up really hard, left me unnerved, and for a moment there, my motivation and strength was all but disappeared.

it was a really crushing feeling, and it persisted from monday throughout tuesday, and then wednesday, until thursday, when i finally recovered some of my spirits, and some newfound heart to finish the song:

how will it feel when this day is done?
and can we keep what we've only begun?

and now these walls come crumbling down...
and i can feel my feet on the ground.
and leave behind this prison we share -
step into the open air.

i finished the song my own way. :)


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