the mistress: a ym commentary

(writing credits shared with lala)

A. Tears

cory: you watched the mistress na noh? 10 bucks says you cried.

lala: yep, but just cause allison dragged me. here's your 10 bucks -- reach for iiiiiiit! hehehe

cory: where did you cry?

lala: anita lindas there, the old woman in films, and she was senile

cory: in the breakup scenes you were so happy

lala: in the breakup scenes i was like more popcorn! hehe

cory: sabay tear...

lala: i gave you 10 bucks na nga e

cory: more popcorn (tears rolling down)

lala: ya, i tore the popcorn bucket looking for more popcorn

cory: and then cried some more (laughing emoticon)

lala: whatevs

B. Ngunit

cory: no really, what did you think?

lala: for once i'd like to watch a pinoy film with REAL conversations

cory: what?

lala: taglish and casual and crude

cory: really???

lala: everyday tagalog lingo. kasi diba??? scripts use words like ngunit, etc. nobody uses NGUNIT!!! hehe

cory: they had "ngunit"?

cory: ngunit lala!

lala: or words like that anyway, that you don't hear in real conversations

cory: gusto kong ipagpatuloy ang usapan ito ngunit kelangan ko ng gawin ang trabaho ko...

lala: seee? thats not real conversation! that's just cory trying hard! (laughing emoticon)



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