Back in 2006, I watched Prison Break. And there was a part there that I didn’t forget. It was where the lead character, Michael, said: I have a high tolerance for pain.

I’m bringing this up now because cinderella’s sister has been schooling me on how to bear pain. There’s a scene that’s number 1 on my list on how she does it, but I’ll share number 2.

Go to 3:07 – 6:47 and 8:44 – 9:04.

Good one. What’s the big deal if it hurts?!

Eun-jo neither sheds a tear nor does she wince at the application of medicine or with the stitching of the wound. Her face was so defiantly devoid of pain that Ki-hoon asked the doctor: Does she have some pain sensitivity problem?

Lol. No, Ki-hoon. She just has a high tolerance for pain is all. What a girl.


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