feb 22

This is just going to be a simple post about simple moments. I know that they hardly know about it and I suppose that they hardly think about and I know we’ll NEVER talk about it, but this is my secret blog anyway so here goes…

We – Manoy Rudyard, Ate Irene, Ate Ruth, Renz, Ruro, and I – went to the “small mall” this afternoon, because Tuesdays and Wednesdays are Ate Irene’s days off from work. Renz and Ruro were there to play, and us three girls wandered around from clothes rack to clothes rack, looking and just looking at clothes. Ate Irene showed me a dark blue dress that would have looked nice on me; I pointed to a pretty orange blouse with a ribbon that tied at the back that I thought would have looked nice on either Ate Irene or Ate Ruth.

After a while, Ate Ruth and I went down to McDo; she for a burger, me for a drink. We started going up the escalator back to where the boys were (in the arcade area) when we saw them coming down. We met them at the ground floor again, and we all entered McDo where they bought a meal and new items to throw in on the mountains of toys the two tots already own; one for each boy.

It was raining. But not so hard. I was the one who dressed Ruro. Renz accidentally hit Ruro on the hand twice but he wouldn’t say sorry….Ruro cried when he got home because his mother wouldn’t let him play the laptop. I accused Renz of making Ruro cry so he started defensively snarling at me. He took out the laptop from its place and handed it to Ruro to make him stop crying. Of course, Ruro still couldn’t play and I put the laptop away.

Clyde and I chatted again online about her crush. She was so happy that he sent her a message. But she said that she didn’t want to go online so as to preserve her sanity. I kept encouraging her to do otherwise. “Sige na, clyde. Go na!” I reasoned to her about what possible worst case scenario there could possibly be. I told her, “you never know, clyde, I could be the voice of God telling you to go online…” to which she just laughed long and hard because I was “no voice of God.” Hehe. Whatev.

I ate pizza from Greenwich today. And I’m thinking about food. Which reminded me of a conversation that transpired between me and Chaida when we were still at bellecroft and all we were talking about was what to have the next day. And I said, “Why is food all we are thinking about?” To which she replied, “What else is there to think about?” I had laughed then.

That’s all. Gusto ko lang mag-kwento2x.


  1. Haha..Guess what? They chatted. Heehee...I so AM the voice of God...hehehe (hoping I don't get struck down by lightning)

  2. Hoy Coooooooohhhr!!!! Bantay ka!!!!


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