Ate Ruth was red in some parts of her body due to an unexplainable itch. Seeing my long hair, she asked me to hit her with it in those parts that were itching. So I took my hair, tied up in a ponytail, and began hitting her with it. It was the strangest thing I ever did with my hair. Anyone got an itch? Apparently, I have magical hair with the power to take away itch.

"Rapunchelle, rapunchelle, hit me with your hair!"

Hahahaha. It sounds stupid. Hehe.


  1. That's a bit weird nga. Haha. Pero kapag may nangati rin ako, pagamit ng magic hair mo ha.

  2. Oo naman. Para sa 'yo. Hehe. Unless I cut it or a prince or witch cuts it for me.


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