cory: may chika akoch...

lala: anong chika itech?

cory: okay, so do you remember uk guy?

lala: yep! banker guy the same?

cory: yep! he'd like to exchange personal contact info. he had gone on a business trip to inner mongolia because his bank was dealing with a large dairy company there. and this company is going public so they're hashing out details of the IPO (initial public offering).

so he's visiting the dairy farm there and he took pictures of the cows. and they're really cute daw so he wants to share them with me. first, he asked me if there was an app in the phone i was using so he could send and show me the pictures of the really cute cows. but i said the phone i was using was a company phone.

and so he asked me for my own personal contact information but i said that that would be outside of professional bounds so he just gave me his own info and asked me to contact him.

i'm tempted to take up his offer! (but sort of like, just-having-fun tempted!)

lala: take up his offer! no harm! we're talking about CUTE COWS for goodness' sake, the next big online animal, the heir to cats!

seryoso, he sounds like he might be a fun friend to have, especially once he sends you fresh cow milk that you'll share with me! hehe!

when he travels to africa, he'll take pictures of cute malaria-bearing mosquitoes! or is it malaria-carrying? malaria-bearing = pregnant with malaria? hahaha


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