clyde's definition of "wala lang"

clyde: musta ____ cor?

cory: we are NEVER getting back EVER

clyde: wait lang, i'm looking for the rolling eyes emoticon as reply...haha, found the emoticon

cory: did you talk with _____ recently?

clyde: haha, nganong nangutana man ka if i talked with ____ recently?

cory: i was wondering if i would be getting libre food...hihihihi

clyde: hahahahaha!!!

cory: i'm getting noh! i'm getting noh!! i knew it! pizza how did you and ____ start messaging?

clyde: wala man

cory: how is it that a "wala man" cannot be talked about???

clyde: hahaha

therefore, i conclude clyde's definition of "wala lang" is "something that cannot be talked about" hehe


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