falling in love with a resume

there's this person. he asked me for help editing his resume. when i looked it over, i almost fell in love. he has all these academic curricular awards, interest awards, service awards and sports awards. and they're coming from good universities.

he was apparently a student leader, was captain of the school soccer team, and has a pretty good GMAT score.

and i'm wondering if the information is embellished or if i had underestimated him, because he doesn't really seem to shine to me.

and he lists singing as one of his hobbies. i've heard him sing before. it's okay if i never hear him sing again. (hahaha!)

there was this one time when i took exception to a small act of overlooked discourtesy on his part and i called him out on it. he apologized for his "impoliteness". i said it was okay - pushups. he laughed.

i'm not falling though. just something amusing. haha!


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