wala lang

there is this person - his profile is that he works in a bank, and he is graduated from the university of york, in the uk (i don't think this sentence is grammatically incorrect, btw).

and he finds himself very curious about me. and i'm wondering what i said. and he just says that it just seems that i have a very interesting story.

it's not interesting at all, i should say. it's just complicated. and heartbreaking.

he finds himself intrigued anyway.

but his curiosity (i always misspell this word) is misplaced. it's a rabbit hole that leads to nowhere. i wish i were simpler.

it's nice to have me around raw. anobers.

but i actually consider it a genuine compliment. that there could be some person who thinks that the fact that you like pink is funny (and not in a ha-ha kind of way), and who finds it interesting that you wish that you could just have a lifetime supply of starbucks coffee and possess a personal library that could be just there for you whenever you want it, even with a busy life and all.

i actually don't take it seriously. but it's a nice compliment. thank you!


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