the obama anniversary

when the presidential debates began yesterday afternoon, president barack obama opened his remarks by wishing his wife a happy 20th anniversary.

his opponent, mitt romney congratulated him, and drew the first laugh of the night by joking, "i'm sure this was the most romantic place you could imagine - here with me." (cue crowd laughter)

we all know what went on with the presidential debate yesterday. romney appeared to have won it, displaying an unusual alertness and clarity, and people, who have been expecting and predicting a once-again articulate obama, were slack-jawed at how the whole time he just seemed like he just wasn't there.

as chris matthews of msnbc incredulously put it, where was obama tonight? but that sounds a little too mild because that was taken out of context and the time adverb is outdated so let me re-phrase that as the words to my own wonderment: where was he that night?!

but no matter where barack obama was that night, or where he had misplaced his trademark articulacy and mojo, the thing is, he tweeted about his wedding anniversary with michelle and it was just so awww:

Twenty years ago today, I married the love of my life and my best friend. Happy anniversary, Michelle. - bo

michelle replied:

Happy anniversary, Barack. Thank you for being an incredible partner, friend, and father every day. I love you! - mo

you know, in terms of principles, i am actually more squarely behind the republicans, but president obama has often consistently struck me as such a decent and genuinely elegant person, not really on the outside (though he is on the outside as well), but especially on the inside, that i cannot help but root for him and admire and respect him as a person.

and people would probably scoff at me, and say i don't know a thing about it to be making judgments like that. but i'd always thought that what the bible said was true, that a man betrays who he is on the inside by the words that come out of his mouth. and with regard to b.o. and m.o., there's just a halo of genuineness that i really detect about them.

so when i read their tweets, i feel like it's not insincerely saccharine and certainly not just for show. i think it's genuine. i feel like the truth of what they say is backed up by the truth of who they are. and i think that's wonderful. i'm very happy for them. happy anniversary to the obamas!


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