error in refraction

My eyes. Reader, my eyes. My eyes have something called error in refraction. The medical results said so, and I've been bummed out since then.

I brought it up out of the blue with Lala. One moment we were looking at a book, the next I was babbling about errors in refraction without so much as a segue.

Cory: My eyes are erroneous.
Lala: .....
Cory: My eyes are erroneous. They have something called error in refraction.
Lala: Error in fractions?
Cory: Yeah, hehe. Refraction. Medical came, told me my eyes are erroneous in the perception of light. I need to clear it with an ophthalmologist. (Sigh). I should just tell the ophthalmologist that my eyes are really so much better at trigo.

I guess that explains why I've been having troubles with my peepers. Without my glasses, I feel like they are zoning out, and sometimes, they feel wo-wo-wobbly in my sockets, like wo-wo-wobbly table legs. And they cry, reader. They cry. For no reason at all. Like a girl with a boyfriend, they cry. (I'm exaggerating a little.)

Okay lang yan, Cor. Ophthalmologist, hello. You know, my eyes are really so much better at...

Ahahahaha. :p


  1. my own eyes water too, cor. especially when i close my eyes kahit sandali lang. does that mean i have error in refraction too? but i remember acing algebra back in the day. hmmm.

  2. I don't know Lala, it's kind of common naman ata but i just hate having another term like that floating around in my head na...i kind of get attached to ignorance sometimes hahaha! Btw it looks like I have myself a good excuse for use in appropriate situations na...if you say 'everything is interesting to the person who knows how to see', i'll just say, 'i can't see anything interesting bec. my eyes have error in refraction', hahahaha!!! Yes! FTW!! hehe.


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