I was talking to one of my students one time and he was telling me about the weather they were having there in Korea. I don't usually talk about the weather save for some comment or two (and then that's it), but I've often heard that it's quite a common conversational topic in social circles other than mine.

Anyway, so it was raining in Korea that day, so I asked my student if he had an umbrella with him. He answered in the affirmative.

Cory: (making conversation) So what color is it?
Korean student, male, early thirties probably: It's rainbow-colored. (His tone was wry.)
Cory: (:D) Oh. It's your wife's.
KS: Yeah... (I think he was blushing a little but I'm not sure. It was over the phone. He might have blushed a little. Hehe.)
Cory: You should have a jacket or a raincoat too.
KS: I don't have a jacket but I'm wearing rain boots...

I decided not to ask what color rain boots he was wearing.

I'm bringing this up because I have a new umbrella. Tada! Hehe. It is color blue with tiny white polka dots. I decided to name it Blue because I thought that it was just screaming to me that it's name was Blue. (I heard ya!)

My recent story with umbrellas is that for a time, I kept buying these beautiful ones that were pretty shades of the color pink and I kept naming them after LOTR characters - Eowyn, Arwen...but they kept going missing. (They hated their names?) And I had spent a small fortune on them. Bummer, right? I should just tie them around my neck next time, as Clyde suggested. So this time, I'm changing my luck and getting myself a blue umbrelly! (Take that, pink!)

On a side note, since we're taking about naming umbrellas anyway (which is actually a silly thing to do if you think about it), Abbey suggested that instead of Blue, I should name my latest protector from the natural elements Megatron. However, we all know that that is not happening.

Hehe. So anyway, peace out and have a great day! :p


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