off time

Seriously, I'm having an off week. I have to do better next time. I haven't been particularly up to par these days. I mean I think I've been dumber and slower than usual.

I mean, consider this. Abbey, I, and Clyde were sitting in the sala one night and we were talking about Einstein and John Stuart Mill. And we were talking about geniuses and precocious children and how J. S. Mill's father had conducted experiments on his own son and how sad was that. I think we had gone on this vein after I voiced my opinions about how appalled I was regarding some reported revelations regarding the personal lives and living philosophies of such thinkers as Michel Foucault and Jean Jacques Rousseau.

And Abbey was talking about how J. S. Mill was so smart, his brain was like a sponge, that at the age of 20, he suffered a nervous breakdown. And I said, well, what about Einstein? His IQ was legendary too, how come he hadn't suffered the same? Well, Abbey said, Einstein was kind of slow at the start and only began sprouting genius when he had grown up whereas J. S. Mill was already whip-smart even at the onset of his toddler years.

"He was fast," Abbey said emphatically. "His brain was processing information at breakneck speed so much that he broke his neck!"

I gasped and said, "Really????"

"No, of course not!" Abbey said. "That he broke his neck was a joke. I was expecting a laugh, not a 'really???'..."


And then one afternoon, Abbey arrived at bellecroft and found me on the sala in front of the laptop, and she said she had to talk about something because it had been bothering her all day. She talked about her first friend in UP and how she found out that this friend had died...her friend's house had burned down. Oh my.

I pondered this in reflective silence for a moment. And then I looked at Abbey. "So," I said sadly, "she's not going to go to her classes anymore?"

Let me answer that question. Uh, yeah, cor, she's dead so she won't be attending her classes anymore. That was very quick of you.

Well, in my defense, well...mortality is...such a difficult concept to confront and accept...right? I know...

Anyway, my mind is lazy. I need to waken it up a bit. :)

Prayers going out to the people of Japan and to the victims of the fire.


  1. Natawa ako sa "really" at sa "di siya papasok bukas." Hahahaha!

  2. You ARE aware that you're laughing at me, right????!!!! Hehe. Hi Kuya Niks. Thank you for commenting. :)


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