dear blog

Hi blog. How are you? I've been away for a while because I got sick. Nothing dramatic, just a slight fever, a runny nose, and a little cough. I've missed you. I think I'm really getting into the blogging thing now. And I don't know if it sounds pathetic to miss something like a blog. But then again, if people can miss their personal, private diaries, their jewelry, clothes, books, and other inanimate possessions that cannot answer or love back, well, why not a blog?

I'm writing because I won't be able to write tomorrow, I think. I'm going out of town with Ate Ruth and Ruro. We're going to Cagayan de Oro; we'll be buying a Power Rangers RPM toy robot for Ruro. It's his dream toy. He talks about it in his sleep. Renz has two of it; he received his, courtesy of his parents of course, when he had gone to Manila last year, October. Anyway, the two tots fight about it because there are times when Renz wouldn't want to lend it to his younger cousin, and the little one is so kaawa-awa left in tears.

It'll be a four-hour trip back and forth, separately. We'll be taking the bus. I once told LA that Lim-Ket-Kai was my favorite mall in the world, to which she hurriedly proposed that I reconsider, given that Robinsons had renovated and that time, the Mall of Asia was to open to its mall-ers as yet.

So I'll be at Lim-ket-kai tomorrow. Ohemgee. I'm nervous. I haven't even told anyone yet. I have to let someone know tonight. My stomach is sinking.

Ruro just came in. He just came from a swimming pool soiree and he's asking to play on his laptop. We need to sleep now. I need to sleep now. I'm nervous. My heart is beating fast.


  1. Because monday was going to happen. Monday has happened. It's Monday. It's sometime after 2pm, Monday. Hi Martin Nyebera...are you distancing yourself from your first name? why the name change? Anyway, hi kuya nikki! hello! monday has arrived. :)


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