km 0

Tonight saw me spinning around and dancing in the sala like only a lunatic does. Or like only a girl on earphone does.

If I just breathe
Let it fill the space between
I'll know everything is alright

Every little piece of me
You'll see everything is alright.

I just want to mark a change, that's all, with this post. A change like throwing past old habits out, and putting in good new ones. So this is like marking Kilometer Zero. But I don't want to over-describe.

There's nothing special or particularly commemorative with regard to the song. It just suits my mood is all. Or maybe there is a little something with the lyrics. No matter. Carpe diem!


Why does it look like km-oh and not like km-zero? I could have sworn I hit the zero key. But no matter. Hehe.


  1. Kuya Nikki's comment:

    it's with the font. 0 looks like an o. hehe.

    masaya ako na parang masayang-masaya ka riyan. ipagdarasal ko na magtuluy-tuloy yang magandang nangyayari sa iyo, kahit ano pa yan. :D

  2. Note: That I posted an alleged comment from Kuya Nikki pinpoints to the possibility that I just made it up.

    Hehe. (I was bored and couldn't think up anything to do except make made-up comments and attribute them to false sources. Haha.)

    But here's my reply to the imagined comment anyway:

    Thank you, Kuya Nikki, and thank you for praying that for me too. I hope you know my goodwill extends very much to you too. :)


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