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This is another lazy post. Sorry. I just can't seem to find the right words with which to write. Do you know those kind of days?

I'm going to write swiftly and without much attention to how well I am writing it out because it's past midnight and I'd like to sleep already. I've a full day tomorrow.

I just closed a book I've been reading. It's Clyde's. She's using it for her master's thesis. And on a certain note of import that got me thinking, I decided to end on that page for the day and continue my reading perusal of it on the morrow, and now I have things to bring up with Clyde and debate with her over - yes! Finally. Now I really have something to discuss with with Clyde. Wonder if Abi might want to listen in, join in, and take part. It'll make for a very lively and fun discussion and I wonder if they'll gang up on me...cause Clyde likes quarreling with me. Hahahaha. More on that some other time.

Anyway, just as a reminder for me, I will be bringing up with Clyde something both close to our hearts: Taylor Swift. And I am going to sharpen my knife on my arguments, review my thoughts on the subject matter, and go in for the kill tomorrow night, or Saturday, or whenever it is we can hold a debate/discussion.

Specifically, it will center on: the songs Mean, Dear John, and Better Than Revenge. Now I will have to do my research and further thoughtful consideration tomorrow because it's late, I want to sleep. If I see tomorrow that my side of the debate don't pack any bite after all, well then, fine...I have some other thoughts to bring up anyway. It'll still be good.

And maybe I should make an attempt at good writing now...even though I'm in a hurry and I don't feel much like it. Let's see what I can come up with.


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