Clyde turned 26 today. But there was no one at bellecroft; most of the people having taken advantage of the long weekend to go out of town. I confess to having forgotten her birthday, but I acquit myself of the crime since a little bird had told me to bring Clyde a sweet and she had had it and eaten it.

Moreover, I had dinner with her. We ordered a meal from Flaming Wings. I had my usual – tenders meal, Mild ‘N Sweet, with honey mustard. She had the same, except the part of the flavor being Carribean Jerk and the dip sweet ‘n sour.

I told her 26 was a good age. I like 26. I think it’s sweet. I mean, can you imagine? Say it with me: “I’m 26.” Doesn’t it sound nice? I like 26. I told her to document every freaking day of the next 365 days of her life. She just might be going places at that age, I said. She just might be having that um, friendship with him at that age, yihee!

So we talked while we ate and she announced that she wanted to post as her status message on facebook that – she wishes she were a man so that she wouldn’t have to think so much about…you know…them…hahahaha! I told her to save the message for tomorrow. I didn’t think it appropriate for the day. ^_^

Sophie was around too and as has been the topic in bellecroft lately, we talked about how much we all wanted to watch Taylor Swift’s concert coming soon. I just want to see her, I hoped. I just want to have my picture taken with her, Clyde hoped. I just want to be her, Sophie hoped. ^_^

At some point we finished dinner and began digging in on the delicious Wicked Oreos that Flaming Wings is known for. And in between dough-spattered oreos and sprinkled vanilla ice cream, I asked her about the moment when she realized she liked him. I don’t know if she’s ever written it down on the journal she says she has but she spoke about how she sat across from him in a gathering of people and they were talking about mother’s day and what was she going to do for her mother on that day? I don’t know, she answered. The guy then said to her, “Me, I’m going to greet my mother, ‘Happy Mother’s Day, Mom.’ And because it’s Mother’s Day, I’m going to let you cook for me.’” And Clyde thought it was so funny!

So the lesson in this is – be extra careful about the person of the opposite sex who sits across from you in any social gathering. Hahahaha! Revelatory moments occur in the everyday...But I don’t want to philosophize with my every post. Hehe.

Happy Birthday, Clyde!

November 29, 2010


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