All for one, one for all

So I was talking about The Three Musketeers…

Favorite line: Of course – “All for one and one for all!” – Classic.

Favorite character: Athos. He was the only one in the story who had moral presence. Haha, those who know me might probably not be taken by surprise by my choice of character and the explanation behind it. But c’mon…don’t you like Athos?

Favorite action sequence: Well, it wasn’t actually an action sequence but overall, I liked the part about how d’Artagnan met the three musketeers.

Favorite sub-plot: The one of Athos and Milady.

Most Hated Character: Felton. I’d prefer Milady to him.

Moral of the Story: There’s no moral. I don’t know if the book intended to moralize, hehe. The book was about intrigue and I think it intended to thrill, and I have to say, I did get thrilled while in the thick of it. Love? What love? There’s no love in the story except that maybe of Athos’ for Milady once before. :p

What important thing did I take from the story? N/A. Hehe. Will be looking forward though, to reading The Count of Monte Cristo and The Man in the Iron Mask (of Zorro). Hahaha.



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