how was last week?

So, how was last week?

• Hey, I had fun last week. But please take note, it takes very little to get me to have fun. I’m just too simple like that.

• Last Sunday, November 21, Lala, Allison, and I met up at Trinoma, and we dined at Jack’s Loft. The food was delicious. I had spaghetti and I am dying to have it again. Oh Lord, please grant me a delicious plate of spaghetti again. It’s all it takes to make me smile.

I enjoyed Lala and Allison’s company of course. But aside from the original glazed doughnut I had from Krispy Kremes and the comforting signature hot chocolate I drank from Starbucks, the highlight of the evening for me was…the moon. It was round and white that night. And it had a rainbow-colored halo surrounding it. Allison and Lala could have just left me at Jack’s Loft staring at the moon all night. It was beautiful. (Before Lala can make a cheeky remark on this comment of mine, let me just put on the record that the pair had ditched me for a moment to watch the fireworks display, hmm???:p)

• I visited bellecroft several times this week, I think. I was itching to get my hands on some materials Clyde has for her thesis. I like her source readings and I’ve been reading them also. I’ve found them to be very thought-provoking. I think her topic was about exploring the question whether virtue can be taught to children through books and stories, and in the wake of her research, she managed to haul up some works that are particularly revelatory about the process of reading and its action on the reader. It’s VERY interesting. I believe we should all know about it. I’m going to provide myself copies of her source materials. They really give me something to think about.

• And just because I want to tease Clyde about it in the future, I just want to record here that when a ‘eureka’ moment strikes her, she gives a little dance. Hahaha. You should see it. How I wish I could video it. That would set her off but Clyde set off is fun. Or at least attempting to set her off is fun.

• I love visiting bellecroft because conversations around the table or in the sala are lively and interesting. I find it smart too, actually. And there’s that feeling about how you just ‘get’ each other…and just having that is so fun! We talk about anything – UP Law 37, the President’s speechwriter incident, Edgar Allan Poe and how I detested Annabel Lee but we all know and memorize it, hahahahaha!!! It’s funny…and then I get offered free food sometimes, yey!!! :)

• Actually, these days, the people there have been ogling this piece of heavy and multi-part instrument, a means by which people can gaze heavenward at night with aided clarity. We were all ooh-ing and ah-ing at it. We had such reverence for this thing it was as though this very thing was already celestial. Abi couldn’t wait to try assembling it, and assemble she did, and when she was done, it looked like something straight out of A Walk To Remember. Just looking at it connoted the magical and the romantic. That’s how I felt.

• I finished reading ‘The Three Musketeers’ by Alexandre Dumas. General personal verdict: I found it enjoyable but it wasn’t the kind that resonates with me. Or at least, it didn’t resonate with me. Yeah. Anyway, right now, I find myself longing for something sweet to read. But I’ll have myself killed by lightning first before I reach for a novel in the romance section of the bookstore. Hmm…I want something 21st Century too, since I’ve just come out of 17th Century France. Maybe I might hit on ‘The Last Song’ by Nicholas Sparks. But for now, I’ll content myself with 20th Century non-fiction, some Time magazines, and some other books I’m eager to start running through. So there. Now, how was your week?


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