Wala lang, nangungumusta lang…

It was half past six and I was walking along an orange-lighted street in campus. I took out my phone as I had remembered that Don had called earlier that day and I had told him that I would get back to him as something had occupied me at the moment.

Thinking it was about an assignment, I texted as I ambled along: Don, I’m sorry but I don’t have anything done yet with regard to our assignment in Legal Bib. I also don’t have with me the details of the assignment; I was hoping to get those from our classmates. Maybe our other classmates are done with it already…maybe you can ask them?

He replied, “Wala lang…nangungumusta lang…”

I stared at my phone for a second then rolled my eyes. “What, you’re bored? Aliwin mo nalang sarili mo with Bernas.”

“Tapos na. Inaaliw ko na sarili ko with Tolentino.”

We texted for a little while.

I liked it when he would call, and I’d miss it, and wondering what business occasioned it, I would ask and receive the simple reply: Wala lang, nangungumusta lang.

Sarap, di ba?


  1. <3 ang sarap nga makatanggap niyan mula sa taong gusto mong pagmulan ng mga ganyan

  2. reading this post again, i realize that i kind of find it sort of sweet. :) <3


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