I wanted to record this because it made me laugh.

It’s a story about punctuations…because she’s sarcastic about them.

Lala: cor? I was @ a bday dinner last nyt&couldn’t hear u over the din of conversaxn&the live band.allison&i’re wondering if u cud join us 4 hp7 l8r 2day?

Cory: Hi lala! it’s ok…can’t… :) not that much of an hp fan…anyway…have fun??? :) hope the party was a blast….. :) :) :)

Lala: u arent?really???u cant???? multiple punctuaxns are fun!!!! (something about having fun at the party…)

Cory: Not really all that excited 4 hp7 lala…I’m glad that you had fun…wat tym kyo punta pra nood?? :) :) wat time will it b over??? :) :)

Lala: after church and lunch, cguro mga 3 pa kmi mkkabili ng ticket…(some texts omitted)…meet up later n lng s mall once I txt our plans?

Cory: Yep…..u myt b on ur way to church na…:) cge,cge…..i myt find my way to starbs 2day or tb’s! :) :) :) tc! Hab a lably day,lala!hi 2 allison…..

Lala: wokey!hi to whoever it is that’s making your punctuations extra exuberant!wahaa! or it cud just b a fluke in your qwerty keypad or something,i dunno,hehe.


Lala: cor, the showing we got ends around 6, meet up with us after?: )

Cory: Sure,sure!where,where????:) :)

Lala: ok lng daw ba sayo trinoma cor?6pm????????? (((two can play at this game :D :D :D)))

Cory: hahahaha….fine,fine….:) :) :) :) :) hmph, parang di ka na nasanay sa punctuation exuberance ko…:p

And another time in another conversation….

Cory: Things will be clearer in the morning…

Lala: I doubt it, oh muddle-headed one…



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