sent message

I arrived in bellecroft and flinging my bag on one part of the sofa, I sank into its soft cushions, as in my mind I wrestled with myself. A part of me was nagging, telling me that there was something I needed to say to Don. A part of me was not keen on taking that plunge. He’s not used to me yet, I appealed to myself. He’ll be discomfited, taken by surprise, or something like that…I don’t know if people are used to such things.

But habit was a strong thing. When I had felt a need to communicate a special message, I had never hesitated overmuch before.

So I got out my phone, worded it, and with a nervous gulp or two, sent him the message. It was this:

Don, good eve. you know, my closest friends know something about me. it's that i have a tendency to text in the middle of the night or out of the blue just to tell them one thing: thank you. now i'm going to do the same for you.

i'd like to thank you for everything. i've learned so much from, for example, how to rebel against my parents, hehe! joke. seriously, you've taught me so much and i'm grateful. ikaw ata ang tunay na prof ko this semester, di sina ma'am beth or sir esguerra. no wonder i dropped their courses. la akong natutunan sa kanila eh!

so prof. ________, they say that a great teacher inspires. therefore i say that you're one hell of an educator. don't know how you do it. must be your experience in teaching younglings like me.

thank you for teaching me. don't really know how this sem will end for me...all i know is that i have a picture now of how i want to be when i'm 29 or 30. you take care. i hope you'll continue to inspire others. goodnight.


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