birthday wishes

Hey. :) My birthday's not yet over. I have things to say as yet. I've been thinking, now that I'm 25, I'd like to create new traditions now, 'cause I've never had a tradition...unless it's a tradition of boring things...ahehe...

I have a list. It's things I'd like to do when it's my birthday.

Birthday Wishes/Things I'd like to do when it's my birthday:

1. When it's my birthday, I'm going to watch a fairy tale movie.

So last year, on my birthday, I watched Beauty and the Beast with my cousins. It was wonderful. One of Alan Menken's very best. Beauty was also well - beautiful. And you gotta love the lyrics:

Tale as old as time
True as it can be
Barely even friends
Then somebody bends unexpectedly...

So this year, my birthday wish was to watch Tangled or by default - Camp Rock. Okay, I know Camp Rock is not a fairy tale movie, but it could have done in place of the Rapunzel story.

Oh, I watched Tangled. I cried. Happy sappy sigh. Hehe.

So, check!

2. Buy a cake, have 25 small, thin candles, and blow them while making a wish. Or even not have a wish, I just want to blow the candles.

3. For this birthday, I wanted to get myself the following Taylor Swift songs: Long Live, Mine and Enchanted. (I got the song Mine already; two more to go!)

4. I'm going to buy myself a flying lantern. I'll write a message on it, or wishes, and then I'm going to set it free to float up in the air for a while. :) This one will be a tradition. Every birthday, I will do this. And if there will be a party, I'm going to have some for my guests too, and then we can all release our lanterns to the sky until we watch them fall to the ground when the fire has been used up. It'll be great. ^_^

5. Message in a bottle.
I'm going to write a message or letter to someone, and in it will be the things that I'd like to tell that person, and then I'm going to put that in a bottle, cork it, and then send it floating along a big wide river or something. I'm still debating making that an annual thing.

6. I'm going to take an interest in the stars now. I'd like to plan for buying a telescope, the kind that Mandy Moore had in A Walk To Remember. I'll burn a cd too, with songs appropriate for star-gazing. Hehe.

So, so far, that's it. :) Cheers, everyone!


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