December 19, 2010

Cory: Lala, ei, nga pala, I'm leaving for ozamiz early Tuesday morning. Tito wants me to try to get my parents back together.

Lala: weh, not chrismassing here then? boo! I didn't know you had love rekindling powers dear! What do you plan on doing?

Cory: I do potions on the side dear. And I dabbled in bows and arrows once...though I always missed, hehe. Ewan ko, pine-pep talk of the century pa ako ng tito ko.

Lala: That is such a weird and daunting task! I know it's not an uncommon movie plot pero I can't imagine having to do that! Question is, do you agree with what you're doing din ba?

Cory: Yeah, well, it's kind of hard to disagree with 'Yun lang ang hinihingi kong pamasko, Cor. At may premyo ka pa pag nagawa mo yun. Yan dapat ang misyon mo in life, your greatest accomplishment.' I'm not being sarcastic ha, just ironic, that's all. (and laughing hysterically inside because he had no idea what I would have coming to me).

Lala: Gosh, your tito said that?

Yeah, he sure did. And a little bit more too. But I don't want to be funny right now.

Sorry I failed you, Tito. It's just that I also don't want for her to be perpetually in pain because of his actions. He keeps wronging her. She's hurt him so much too, I suspect. She keeps wronging him too, in ways that I feel are near impossible for her to see.

I'm really sorry, Tito. But I have enough issues on my own with the two of them too for me to even begin to try to mend their relationship with each other.

I'm sorry. I'm really sorry.


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