speech, speech

I don't want to mention my age so I think nobody ought to display such gross temerity in reminding me of it...(kidding only).

Okay, so, thank you's are in order. First off, thank you to God Almighty for each and every blessing. Second, thank you to my family and third, thank you to everyone who greeted me and to all those whose greets I was not able to read because my old sim is not with me and I haven't disseminated my new number as yet.

But I'd like to give a hearty hug to everyone whose greets I did receive today. Thank you so much. Why do I have such nice people like you in my life? Do you exist in every place on the face of the earth or am I just really lucky?

So what happened today on my birthday? Well, it rained. It always rains on my birthday whenever it's here in the small O. The sky could never contain its tears of joy. There was food and there were some people. The leche flan was great. Ate Irene is getting better at making food. :) You know its brown top? Well, this leche flan had an amazing brown surface top. Very slick and shiny. And a rich, caramel brown, like the color of mahogany, only that it tastes better. Love it!

The spaghetti was good too. Ate Ruth made it. I bought the ingredients.

Other dishes were also available.

Special thanks to my family, especially my siblings - Manoy Rudyard and Manoy Bubok - and my sises-in-law - Ate Ruth and Ate Irene - for making it all possible.

Kuya Nikki was the first to greet. :) Then Allison. :) Hearty, Clyde, Cherry Anne. And then...wait for it, wait for it - Lala greeted me! - At nearly six in the afternoon! - she was suffering from a headache she said a speech-er gave her...Oh, what was that? You said no such thing? Haha!

That was it, folks, Thank You!


  1. well, i should HOPE the leche flan tasted better than mahogany. :p

  2. hahahahahaha!!!!:) labs you dearie!!!


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