miss u, ceejay!

Past twelve midnight...

Cory: You're still at work?
Ceejay: Yep, still at the office...
Cory: Omg, what in the world is your job description??? Ceejay the Vampire Slayer???
Ceejay: My job description is to right our IT's wrongs. Wow.
Cory: (laughing emoticon) Ceejay the IT Slayer!

Later in the evening...

Cory: By the way, how is ...?
Ceejay: No news.
Cory: Someone new in your life?
Ceejay: Yeah. (name of company)Work. Very demanding boyfriend. You better find one not so demanding. Otherwise, end of relationship agad.


Hahahahaha. Mishu, ceejay!

In case I forget because I hid the name, the person I'm talking with is _______. We both hail from bellecroft. ^_^


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