a kuya's advice

Nikki: I think it’ll do you good if you open up to them (about your problems). Dapat sinasabi mo agad. Dati ganyan din ako. Pasan ko ang buong mundo. I never share my problems. And it got me nowhere. Nung nasabi ko sa friends ko, mas dumali. Sometimes, kailangan mo lang ma-organize ang thoughts mo eh. At kapag kinukuwento mo sa friends mo, biglang na-oorganize nga yung thoughts mo. And of course, may advice din sila.

Nikki: Open up, Cor.

Cory: (deciding to be cheeky because the phrase connoted a door) Knock.

Nikki: Knocking.

Cory: hahahahaha

Nikki: Pero dapat ikaw rin.

Cory: What? Knock?

Nikki: Ikaw ang mag-approach. Ask for help.


Kuya, did I ever tell you thank you for telling me that? Well, if I haven’t, then…thank you. Thank You. THANK YOU. It made the world a little better for me. And by little, I don’t mean little. (There’s no way to measure what it’s worth :)


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