my day

Hey. Blog, did you ever have a time when you just wanted to ramble on about your day? Well, I want to ramble. I woke up today, prepared, went to the law office, spent an afternoon there, and played songs on my ear a lot.

Pa gave me a present. I went home. Tomorrow, I figure, I’m going to leave some money for the people here to buy turon so that I’ll have it waiting for me when I get home.

Me and my brother’s family went grocery-ing earlier, and we bought some ingredients for making spaghetti. Because it’ll be my birthday two days from now. Ruro was with us. I like being with family. I don’t know why we make it so complicated for each other…

We ordered takeout from Jollibee and we ate at home. They bought some VCDs and were happy about it. We ate. I went online to talk to Clyde. We talked. She told me she was Edyl C. and to figure out why she is so. Hahahaha. Yroc.

Ate Ruth is not here right now, she’s in Cagayan so Ruro is sleeping with us. At nearly 12 midnight, he wanted to go home already but Ate Irene explained to him that there was no one there in the main house, and would he like some food to eat? That got him to stay. He’s sleeping here with us now.

So there.

I thought about you the whole day.


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