kurt on piano

Hi. I know you’ve never met me, but the way you play the piano really touches me and leaves a memory long after the tab has been closed and the laptop shut down.

When your fingers fall on the keys, and you start to make the music, you make of me nothing less than a believer. That was beautiful. I wish that I had been in the room with you, though I imagine the setting to be slightly more wood-y and the light orange-y rather than stark, bright white. Anyway, back to what I was saying, I wish I were in the same room with you, and I were sitting beside you as you play the melody. Or it would also suit me just fine if I were standing in the dark, just beside or near the door frame, listening to you play.

I wouldn’t clap afterwards because I would be too moved to do or say anything. But give or take a few minutes, when I’d get over my wonder and amazement, I’d speak, and I’d tell you, “Wow! That was the first time I ever saw someone play so beautifully.” And then I’d continue: I’m a Miley Cyrus fan, and the way you rendered her music was so imaginative and emotional that you brought out of and you brought into the songs something different, something more human and more magical.

And as if that were not whimsical as it were already, I’d smile and tell you, “Your girlfriend will be so happy one day, when she’d sit beside you on the piano and you’d play for her, and so would your daughter someday, when she’d sit on your knee and watch you play with her bright, big, doting eyes that look familiar to you because they’re yours.”

You’re my inspiration. Someday, I hope to learn to play the piano, and I want to play it for my family who’d be with me at that time. I’d play it for my man as he would leave for work and when he’d cross the living room where the piano would be, I’d start banging out the opening bars to Hercules’ Go The Distance on a day that would be particularly difficult and challenging for him. Just cause he’d always be my hero. And so that he’d know I’d be behind him a hundred percent.

Whimsical, I know. Just like fireflies setting the night aglow and floating lanterns.

Kurt, if on the impossible possibility that we’d ever get to talk, can I tell you something? Can you not tell me that you didn’t feel the songs and the emotions like the way you appeared to have felt them in the video? ‘Cause I’m actually afraid that it would take something away from me should I learn that you didn’t mean the sadness, longing, and yearning of each plaintive note you played…that it was just the mere business of banging and cranking out whatever…and you never meant its melancholy or its emotion. Your playing was heartbreakingly beautiful. But if you never felt it, then that would have been just plain heartbreaking. Thank you, Kurt. Ganda, sobra.

(What I said was gay and more than gay, it was sappy, I know...but whaddaheck, ganda eh. So sue me. :)


  1. Mabuhay ang mga corny, ang mga gay at ang mga sappy. Masarap isulat ang mga ganyan. Mas masarap basahin. Straight from the heart eh. Parang umupo ka, tapos sinulat mo lang lahat ng lumabas. Walang edit. Yun na. Kung ano lang siya.

    I like this entry.

    At sobrang galing nga ni Kurt!

  2. Well, actually, all I really wanted to say was, "Kurt, you're so HOT...scorching..." hahaha...but I felt that it needed editing...because eew eh... hehehehehe.....and I don't want to be caught saying that, ahihihi. ^_^ so forget I even bothered to joke it.

    Thanks, kuya....I love how you love kurt too!!! :D


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