Clyde and the Cobwebs

The lower ground level of bellecroft has a living room and an adjacent dining area. Running alongside it is a narrow patio with a screen ceiling. It is separated from the rest of the room by wooden folding doors. Clyde and I were in the living room area one day and she gestured towards the rear end of the patio.

Clyde: There are so many cobwebs there. (Clyde should know. She exercises in that corner.)

I tipped sideways to see.

Cory: (seeing the silver cobwebs adorning the walls and ceiling) Oh yeah...

Clyde: I don't wanna clean them up because the spiders took so long to put them up. (nasasayangan siya sa effort)

Cory: Oh, Clyde, kamon! (protesting her logic, or her sentiment rather) Then if our living room were filled with cobwebs, you wouldn't have it cleaned! (Actually, I just had the sinister motive of encouraging her to be the one to clean up the cobwebs.)

Clyde: Hahahahaha!

Hihihihihi. Lol. :D

Clyde and her cobwebs. She was like that with plants as well. And she talks to cats. Hehehe.

* * *

Fair-Weather Phone

We have a broken phone. It only works in fair weather. Never in foul. Swear. Hehe.


* * *

Abbey: My self-esteem goes up in this house.

Hehe. Yeah, mine too. Hihi.

* * *

Maimai is a third-year law student in UP. These days, she has been dropping by bellecroft and bringing her reading materials with her and she would study.

One night, it was getting late so I was telling her to just stay over for the night. I told her there was an extra bed upstairs that I could make in case she'd decide to sleep over. (I didn't mention the clutter 'cause it's in my room, but anyway, beggars can't be choosers. :p) She declined however and said that it's okay, she can just nap on one of the single-seater couches or on the long couch itself. And she stayed over for the night, and I asked her to delay leaving the house until 6 am, so that the front door would not be left unlocked until some of us were already awake.

And it just occurred to me that that's part of the ineffable charm of bellecroft - for some reason, it's easy to get comfortable here. I'm gonna miss this place.

I remember this one time with Chaida. She was already staying in Makati that time and I was also staying in Tandang Sora. For one reason or the other, we encountered each other by the door at bellecroft.

Cory: Why are you here?!

Chaida: Why are you here?! (And then Chaida gestured towards the place.) This is home. :)


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