Transition Phase 1 was also notable for one other incident. This was the first time I encountered TL (cue kilig scream here).

I was working on a call and was being helped out by one TL on the concern being presented. It was a rather tricky one and in the process, the TL who was helping me called this other TL to solicit his advice on what to do on the matter. The other TL was sitting nearby, near the back of my station. Guess who that other TL was? Aaaaayy!!!! (Hehehe. That was what a kilig scream sounds like. ^_^) By the way, how do you express kilig while preserving your pride and dignity?? Hehe. It was TL Jorge, though I hadn't known who he was at this time.

I explained the situation to him. In reply, he thought for a moment and then he said, that famous line that I will never forget (okay, ladies and gentlemen, drumroll), "Nosebleed..." Hehehe.

In an aside, he was advising me then to just enjoy taking calls. "Enjoy ka lang," he said while going on and on about something. And I was thinking, like, "Uh-huh...easy for you to say..."

So, ladies and gents, this was the first time. The triggering event. Hehe.

Clyde asked me afterwards, what made you like him, Cor? Can you put a finger on it?

Yep! I think I can.

Hmmm...what made me like him...It was that part that he was talking that I heard something in his voice that made me exclaim, with a start and in surprise, "Hey! We come from the same place!"

There was something in his voice and in the way he spoke that roused my intuition, seeming to tell me that we're coming from the same place, or from the same direction, or like, we have a similarity in terms of socio-cultural background and we're cut from the same cloth or something, or of the same wavelength or that somehow, there's a sameness regarding where we're both coming from.

"Hey! We come from the same place!" I noticed, rather interested in my discovery because it was the first time I thought it of someone I had met there. Sure, there was TL Rome, who spoke intelligently as well, but somehow, it was with TL Jorge that this occurred.

<3. We come from the same place. :)

I'm sleepy. I should get some sleep now.


  1. Hindi ako kinikilig. Hindi! Hindi! Lalake ako. Hahaha! Ayiiiiii!!!

  2. Hahahahahahaha!!!!Gagiks! This pala I have to say - hindi ako lumalandi kay TL. Nagmamahal lang ako sa kanya. Chos!! hahahahahaha!!! Halu, kuya!!! Kumusta???!!! :)

    Yeehee!!!!Kinikilig din ako kay TL. <3 <3 <3


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