TL Rome (incorrect spelling)

Whoever said that nice guys finish last forgot to mention that they also finish a winner. Earlier today, a seemingly simple event happened and I bet none of the two other participants of the event imagined that such a simple occurrence could give way to a blogpost. They had not had a clue about me. (Secret chuckle as in “hihihi”).

TL Rome, who might actually be the more approachable of the Transition TLs (there are only two of them; the other is TL Jorge), was lending a helping hand to a friend of mine regarding a concern she had with a customer.

TL Rome strode over to her station and when he had taken matters into his own hands, it turned out to be simpler than it looked. A fact that later made my friend extremely bashful. (More secret chuckles as in “hihihihihihi”). While he was bending over the computer to work on the problem, my friend said, “Sorry, TL. Didn’t mean to be disturbing.” “No problem,” he replied. “That’s what we are here for.”

It was so nice to see. I was gratified just from witnessing that moment. It was just a simple, ordinary stroke in the life of TL Rome. If his life were a book of Roman alphabetical letters, that moment would have constituted barely a small, miniscule, ordinary, unnoticed, unimportant dot of an i in the letters and words of his life.

Now this commendation does not signify, in any case, an attraction to TL Rome. I am still all hearts for TL Jorge. It’s just that it is things like TL Rome’s unaffected helpfulness that renews me to belief again – belief in the light and goodness of things like the cool, clear waters of a freshwater stream, the luminous ray of sunshine that touches your face at six in the morning, or the orb of the moon hanging white against the night sky.

And it occurred to me that this moment reminded me of how I will fall in love again.

Thank you, TL Rome. Sometimes when you’ve been nice to one person, you’ve been nice to others as well. The ripple effect of our good actions are not necessarily confined to the recipient of the action. Not necessarily confined to a single time or place either. It can travel in light-years. Winky face.

This is an ode to nice guys out there. I heart you. Chos! Hehe. You fill the world with wondrous magic.


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